Matched written by Goji64 and requested by kikomia on toho kingdom forums

The bull of the island of Kaiju, Gabara was looking for the Kaiju he usually chooses to bully, Minilla. He walked into and area where he saw a dragon like Kaiju laying in its slumber, Gabara wouldnt pass this chance up to bull it.

He surged electricity through its body from the horn and grabbed the Kaiju shocking it.

The kaiju was Varan, his eyes opened up wide and then jumped up into the air and hit some nearby rock.

Varan shooked his head in confusion and then turned around and saw the Kaiju Gabra beating his chest roaring at him. Varan stood up and flexed his claws and growled at Gabara. The boy who had imagined himself with Minilla had imagined himself on the island again but this time was watching an actual battle on the island.

The Boy: Varan attack!! Beat Gabara! Beat him!

The 2 whent into combat, Varan grabbed Gabara and bit his right shoulder, Gabara fell back into a tree and roared in pain. Varan approached him again and clawed at him. Blood burt from Gabara's stomatch as he punched the Kaiju away and then rolled into a different area.

He clutched his stomatch caliming the bleeding down a bit, he ran at Varan and then grabbed him by both of his shoulders. He then surged electricity through its body from the horn and grabbed the Kaiju shocking Varan.

Varan stepped back and roared in pain, Gabara ran at him again and began to electricut him. Smoke came off of Varan as he fell over onto his back, Gabara moved in on him prepared to kill him.

The Boy: No Varan beat him!!

But Gabara pried Varan's jaws open and electrocuted him, killing him.


Gabara had won. He then began his search for Minilla.

Winner: Gabara

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