Koji is walking on Kaiju island then starts to notice alot crystals in an area. He goes over to check them out, the crystals glow, Koji begins to charge his heat ray then blastes the crystals, they exsplode. A tail shoots out of the crystals and it gives a roar, it appear that the crystals are a living thing, its Krystalak

He gets up and runs at Koji and craches him across the chest creating a long cut his chest, Koji gives a roar of pain then retaleats by punching Krystalak then turning around and slamming his tail on Krystalaks face. Krystalk kicks Koji onto his back then jumps up off his then shoots 2 crystal shards at Koji, Koji fires hist atomic heat ray at them both blowing them up. He attemps to get up but is kicked by Krystalak.

Koji rolls down a hill onto the beach then stands up a gives a roar of rage at Krystalak. Krystalak gives a roar back at Koji then turns the other direction and begins to walk to wreck havic on the rest of island. Koji hurries up the hill then turns to see Krystalak heading torwards Anguirus burrow, he fires another heat ray at Krystalaks back.

Knocking him into the side of a near by rock, he turns back around then gives a roar of confusion then charges Koji to be hit by a spiral ray dead in the face. Koji runs at him as Krystalak wipes his burning face off. He looks up to be puched in the face knocking him over on his back, falling into the area where Anguiurus burrrow is at. Inside Anguirus burrow he begins to blink then stands up then walks outside to see Krystalak and Koji kicking, scracthing, and roaring at each other.

He roar at Krystalak then watches as Koji begins to mix his crystal gravity beams with his atomic heat ray. Anguirus knew Krystalak needed time to charge so he attacked Krystalak bitting his arm then jumping on top of him kicking him into the rock. Koji's super cannon was finaly complete, he roars at Koji telling him to move out the way.

Krystalak stands up to be kicked back into the rock one last time by Anguirus, Anguirus runs back by his burrow as the super cannon fires at Krystalak barbiqueing him. Krystalak felt as if his body was on fire then he finally hit the ground and died, Koji looked up to see Rodan flying bye. He roars at him saying "Pick that body up and drop it in the ocean" he did as Koji said and did.

After Krystalaks body hit the water his crystals faded out to a dark black as his body slowly fell to the body of the ocean.

Winner: Koji

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