Zigra: Zigra, and

Godzilla (Showa): Godzilla, , and

Version of Showa Godzilla:

Ebirah (Showa): Ebirah,, and

Round 1:

After defeating Ebirah and the red bambo, Godzilla now lived on Monster Island and a new enemy Zigra had attacked. The 2 attacked punching, biting, and slapping one another, the battle had ended up in the water, it had been 25 seconds since they fell in then the 2 resurfaced. Godzilla grabbed Zigra but was struck in the stomach with Zigras paralzying energy beam, Godzilla stood paralzyed. The paralzyed Godzilla fell under water, Zigra flapped his fins and gave roars of victory, all of a sudden the water began to bubble.

Zigra knew that he had defeated Godzilla, he didnt know what was going on when Ebirah the sea monster surfaced as roared at Zigra. Zigra was stunned, Ebirah quickly attacked he smacked Zigra in the side of his head, his left wing, and his stomach, Ebirah roared at tried again but was struck with a paralzying energy beam. The parlzyed Ebirah fell over onto its back into the water as well, Zigra looked around making shure he had no more challengers then flew up out of the water torwards Tokyo.

Round 1 winner: Zigra

Round 2:

Godzilla had woken up and walked into Tokyo and attacked Zigra, Zigra slapped Godzilla across the face with his wing, Zigra tried to blast Godzilla again but Godzilla jumped and hit the ground and rolled. Godzilla stood up and roared at Zigra then blasted him in the face with his heat ray, Zigra shook his head side to side and roared in pain. Godzilla picked him up and slammed him into a nearby sky scrapper, the rubble fell on top of Zigra, he squirmed and struggled trying to get free but couldnt.

Zigra blasted the 2 buildings and the area around Godzilla with his paralzying beam, trying to hit Godzilla, Godzilla picked Zigra up from the rubble the pecked in the face. Godzilla clutched his face as Zigra tried to fly away, Godzilla quickly turned around and grabbed Zigras leg, he then grabbed both of Zigras legs. Godzilla slammed Zigra 3 times then let him go and let him fly a short distance, Godzilla then Blasted his back with a heat ray.

Zigra fell on the ground then quickly got back up and continued his retreat, Godzilla then went back to his ocean home.

Ebirah never resurfaced (He did somewhere else thoguh)....

Winner: Godzilla