It was a quiet day on the island....only if the battled crys of 2 Kaiju wherent the middle of the woods Anguirus and Gorosaurus where in feirce combat. A roared and scratched a G, G took all the hits then lowered his head and bit A's right shoulder leaving a wund, blood seeped from the wund. G and A backed up and preapred to run at each but then they herd 2 loud kaiju approaching. They both looked and stared, the 2 where getting closer and closer all of a sudden the trees exsploded as Gaira busted out and roared. His brother Sanda walked past him and approached G, G roared at S to be punched across the face then lifted up and thrown over his head. A stared in amase as GA grabbed him and tackled him, A roared and struggled as GA held him, G lifted A up and threw him next to G. S lifted his hands up in victory as GA beat his chest, when G and A realised they where next to one another theywhent at it. S lifted his hands down then grabbed G again to be bit in the face, S cluthced his face, stumbled back, and gave roars of pain G and A knew they had to team up to beat these 2. G prepared a drop kick ans A god into a ball and prepared to charge....1....2.....3!!!! G dropped kick S in the face sending him flying into a trre and A hit GA in the face giving him multiple cuts on the face and knocking him into the tree next to S. A and G prepared to fire again but S and G already retreated, the 2 kaiju showed each other there signs of approval and then returned to there homes.

Winner(s): Gorosaurus and Anguirus