Zilla had just killed Gorosaurus he jumped into the water and made his way towards Japan. Zilla was swiming torwards Japan then all of a sudden he could hear a kaiju roaring at him, he looked to see Titanosaurus flexing his claw. Titanosaurus swam at Zilla then bit him in the arm, he lifted Zilla up and threw him up above the water and fell behind Titanosaurus, Zilla stood up shook his head and then blasted the area around Titanosaurus with his Flame Breath. Titanosaurus stured and walk back acouple of inchs, all of a sudden he picked up a huge bolder and threw it a Zilla, Zilla began to charge his Flame Breath, but before he could fire it the boulder hit him in the face knocking him out cold. Titanosaurus then began to swim torwards Tokyo. Later that say in Tokyo Zilla arrived to see Titanosaurus destroying Tokyo, the 2 kaiju fought thre half of Tokyo, then Ultraman appeared. He lifted Titanosaurus up and threw him and Zilla roared at Ultraman, Ultraman simply blasted him with his U attack ray. Zilla gave wails of pain as Ultraman prepared to finish him, before Ultraman could Titanosaurus jumped onto his back, Ultraman simply shook him off ans threw him next to Zilla. Ultraman charged his U attack ray then blasted Titanosaurus's head off. Zilla tackled Ultraman and ripped his head clean off. Zilla roared in victory and resumed his rampage.