Zilla was laying down, resting, all of a sudden 2 large bolders hit hit him, he stood up and roared to se more comming down the hill. He blasted them all with his Flame Breath then looked up the hill and roared, the Kaiju up the hill roared back, Zilla growled the blasted the hill sending the kaiju up there falling down. Zilla jumped out of the way as the kaiju hit the ground, the kaiju revealed to be Gorosaurus. Gorosaurus stood up and roared and Zilla then began to angrily flex his tail and claws. Zilla gave his battle cry then balsted Gorosaurus in the face with a heat ray knocking Gorosaurus into the hill, Gorosaurus turned around on his stomach 1st then tried to get up. But Zilla stepped on his back and gave another battle cry, he blasted Gorosaurus in the back with his Flame Breath, Gorosaurus giving out a wail of pain. He began to try to climb back up the hill. Zilla was enraged because he was just trying to get some rest and Gorosaurus attacked him, Gorosaurus was half was up then Zilla smashed into the hill with his tail. Gorosaurus continued to climb, Zilla was angry, and he was not gonna let this Kaiju exscape, he began to charge his Flame Breath and blasted the hill burning half of it. Zilla bit on Gorosaurus's back and threw him down and tore out his throat, drinking crimson blood in the process. Zilla roared in victory before resuming his rest.

Winner: Zilla