Mecha-Titanosaurus was tired of being #2 compared to MechaGodzilla, he walked into the country side where MG was destroying a village. MT attacked blasting MG with his atomic heat ray, MG fell over and MT continued to blast, all of a sudden he stomped and stood with his legs out and his arms out like he was getting a hug. His mouth began to light green. MG stood up to get another face full of heat ray, MT walked over and picked up MG, he lifted hom over his head an threw him into a small house.

The area filled with dust as MT blasted the area with mislle causing it to exsplode and fill with more dust, he walked closer to the area to be hit with and elctric current. MT cluched his neck and gave cyborg wail in pain, MT rocketed into the sky and shot with his eye beams sending MT into a small house. MG blasted the small house then picked up a large bolder and threw it at the house, the boulder esploded after being hit with MTs heat ray.

The 2 ran at each other, on contact a huge white light exsploded out from between the 2, it faded out to see MT and MG with electricty. The Aliens yelled "MECHA-TITANOSAURUS, MECHAGODZILLA RETURN TO BASE!!!! STOP FIGHTING!!!", the 2 stood up with electricty still shooting off them and flew back to base.

Winner: Draw: MT and MG