Ibuki from Street Fighter X Tekken

Ibuki is a female kunoichi that first appeared in the Street Fighter 3 series.Her name is definitely a romanization of the words 'Majestic Breath Demon' and should not be mistaken for Kamen Rider Ibuki in the Kamen Rider Hibiki tokusatsu with the same name. She is the apprentice of her long lost love,Ryuga and is the main protaganist in Dragonball NG,Dragonball X,Dragonball Mega NG,Dragonball GTR and also Dragonball AFR and Dragonball Xtreme. Her popularity is increasing due to her appearing in modern Capcom games such as Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken. She also appeared in her very own mini comic series by Udon called Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki by Omar Dogan.

Sunrise of the Kunoichi (R&B ver03:27

Sunrise of the Kunoichi (R&B ver.) - Ibuki's SFIII 3rd Strike Theme "Twilight" A Emcee ReWork

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