080806 grim
Him is a villain in the animated television series, The Powerpuff Girls. He is regarded as their most powerful and dangerous enemy, even compared to Mojo Jojo.

A mysterious, super-powerful, red-skinned, very effeminate, and possibly immortal devil-like creature with large lobster-like claws, pointed ears, black puffy hair, yellow-green eyes, a hooked nose and a long, curled beard, makeup including three long eyelashes on each eyelid, rosy red cheeks and black lipstick, a lady's red jacket and skirt with pink tulle at the collar and hemline, and black, thigh-high, spike-heeled boots (ballet boots). It is implied that he may be the devil himself in The Powerpuff Girls, as he is so sinister, so evil, so horribly vile that his real name "can never be said".

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