Great Demon Brawlers are the Great Demon's limetless suplie of soliders used to help him turn the Earth into Hell.

Soldier TypesEdit

  • Great Demon Brawler - Default Great Demon Brawlers carry knife, swords, and all kinds of guns. They are expert martial artists but nothing compared to Koji.
  • Chain Great Demon Brawler - A special type of Great Demon Brawler made when Zekk needed assistance against Koji. The Chain Great Demon Bralwer's carry swords that can morph into chain's with a hook at the end of them. Meanwhile they are stronger than the normal Great Demon Brawler's, they are still nothing to Koji.
  • Great Demon Flyer - Another special type of Great Demon Brawler except these Great Demon Flyer's have stronger leg muscle.
  • Cyborg Great Demon Brawler - Although the Great Demon Brawler's are cyborgs themselves the Cyborg Great Demon Brawler's are more robot-like versions equiped with completely robotic right arms.
  • Great Demon Brawler Strong Type - Great Demon Brawler's that have surperior physical strength than the other Great Demon Brawler's. They are used as Zekk's minions when he is revived.
  • Zephy - The rarest and strongest of his kind. Zephy was made as a prototype for the V2 Great Demon Brawler's, Zephy has all the abilities of a normal Great Demon Brawler with the additional powers of Super Strength, missiles from his fingers, martial arts skills as good as Koji's, rockets on feet that can burn foes and allow him to fly, a sword stronger than normal Great Demon Brawler sowrds known as the "Zephy Needle", and the ability to stretch out his arms using the motors in his arms.
  • V2 Great Demon Brawler - These where supposed to be the final versions of Zephy that would have acted as the new Great Demon Brawler's, they are all destroyed once Koji grows back to his giant size and destroys the Great Demon's Island base witht he combined power of Goji64's Atomic Kick and Koji's Koji Kick.