Golza in Ultra Galaxy

Golza is an Ultra monster that first appeared in Ultraman Tiga episode 1 and is the first Heisei monster created by Tsuburaya. Golza later appeared in episode 18 as Fire Golza, briefly appeared in Ultraman Tiga: Final Odyssey, and made his appearence as Hyper Golza in Ultraman Dyna episode 43. Golza and Fire Golza appeared as two different creatures in Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle. In all three incarnations he can absorb heat and beam attacks, burrow, and could launch a heat beam from his forehead although this was altered to fire balls in Ultra Galaxy


Golza is 62 meters tall in height


Golza is 68,000 tons in weight.

Super PowersEdit

  • Ultrasonic Light Ray: A powerful, purple energy beam emitted from the opening on Golza's forehead. Energy surges from his neck to the forehead before being fired.
  • Thick Tail: Golza can use his thick tail to whip and bash foes quite effectively.

A picture of Golza's other form, Fire Golza(More will be added of him soon