Koji roared out in fury before he Atomic Punched King Ghidorah in the center head, the punch exploded on contact and sent the King of Terror onto his back. Koji grabbed King Ghidorah by the tails, lifted him up, and slammed him into the Earth repeatedly. Suddenly Koji found himself screaming out in pain as his back was struck by Corona Beams, Koji growled as he turned around to see SpaceGodzilla. The Crystal Demon roared before opening fire with a onslaught of Corona Beams, Koji managed to ignore the pain before he charged at SpaceGodzilla, SpaceGodzilla unleashed more Corona Beams but Koji dodged and ducked out the way of them all before he Atomic Punched SpaceGodzilla in the chest. The punch exploded on contact and caused SpaceGodzilla to scream out in pain, Koji kicked SpaceGodzilla in the stomach, knocking SpaceGodzilla down onto his back, Koji then unleashed several Atomic Heat Rays onto SpaceGodzilla, causing SpaceGodzilla to scream out in pain as he was covered in explosions. Destroyah roared as he landed down behind Koji with a loud thoom, Koji turned around and tried to Atomic Punch Destroyah in the chest but Destroyah unleashed his chest beam onto Koji, covering Koji in explosions.

Koji let out a long painful roar as he fell onto his back, Destroyah kicked at the fallen Koji's face. King Ghidorah rose back onto his feet and unleashed Gravity Beams down onto Koji, covering Koji's body in explosions. With a growl of anger and hatred SpaceGodzilla levitated back onto his feet and stomped towards Koji, unleashing Corona Beams into the back of Koji's head, burying the Kaiju in even more explosions. Each Corona harpooned deeper and deeper into Koji's head, exploding afterwards and sending out a splash of blood. As Koji's adrenaline reached it's max Koji unleashed a Multi-Nuclear Pulse, covering all the surrounding Kaiju in explosions as they where sent flying back. Koji roared out in anger as he rose to his feet, his spines flashing red as yellow sparks shot off of them.

Super MechaGodzilla flew towards Koji from behind, shooting him with his shoulder mounted laser cannons as he did. With a growl Koji turned around to face Super MechaGodzilla unleashing a Spiral Fire Ray at Super MechaGodzilla, the beam plowed into Super MechaGodzilla, taking him up off of the ground and through a series of buildings before it blasted a hole through the Mecha's chest, killing it in a massive explosion. Koiji turned to see King Ghidorah stomping towards him, unleashing Gravity Beams onto Koji rapidly as he did. Koji growled before charging his fist up with energy and Spiral Atomic Punching King Ghidorah in the chest, destroying the King of Terror in a second massive explosion.

Koji turned around to see Destroyah and SpaceGodzilla, the two Kaiju unleashed all they had onto Koji in a rapid pace only to receive a blank stare from Koji. Koji growled before he fired a Spiral Fire Ray at them both, they screamed out in pain as they where destroyed in a series of explosions. Koji's spines turned back to their normal color as Koji's adrenaline returned to its normal low.

cue Theme Song

Godzilla roared as he stomped through Tokyo towards Koji, he had come to this area because he had sensed several familiar powers battling one massive power, the power was almost as massive as his own if not massiver. Godzilla roared as he came face-to-face with Koji, neither of these saurians knew the other but both where impressed with one another right off the bat. They growled and smirked at one another as they got set for battle, as long as they where here they might as well test out each other's skill.

cue GFW Battle Music

Godzilla tilted his head back and let out a battle cry before firing his Atomic Heat Ray at point-blank range,Koji quickly encased himself inside his crystal shield, causing Godzilla's beam to turn right back on him. Godzilla screamed out in pain as he was toppled by his own beam, Koji then unleashed energy blasts from his hands and naval core, covering Godzilla in explosions. Godzilla swung his tail around towards Koji, Koji caught the tail in his hands before placing his feet firmly into the ground, lifting Godzilla up and spinning him around in  a circle, this caused Godzilla to hit his head against all the nearby buildings. Koji then released his grip, sending Godzilla flying through the air and into a row of buildings, with a roar of frustration Godzilla rose onto his feet. A smirk came across Koji's face as he beat his two fists into the each other, suddenly green spark shot off of them until Kojo's fists became completely green with energy. With his fists out at his sides, Koji charged towards Godzilla, the King of the Monsters unleashed an atomic ray at Koji, right before it reached him Koji Atomic Punched it with both of his fists causing the beam to explode into a cloud fo dust. After 5 seconds Koji charged from the cloud of dust towards Godzilla, Godzilla continued to fire atomic rays at Koji, hoping to atleast slow Koji down but Koji dodged and ducked out of the way of all the attacks. Godzilla fired one last atomic ray at Koji's face, Koji ducked beneath it before jumping up and Atomic Punching Godzilla in the chin, sending Godzilla's head rocking violently backwards and causing the Earth to rumble. Koji followed the first Atomic Punch up with a second, this time against the right side of Godzilla's face, sending Godzilla towards the right and causing the Earth to rumble. Before Godzilla could loose his balance Koji followed the previous Atomic Punch up with a thrid, this one to the left side of Godzilla's face, sending Godzilla's head to the left and yet again causing the Earth to rumble. Koji repeated this patern of punches again and again for about 15 seconds, Koji pulled his fist away to reveal Godzilla's now deformed face, the punches had caused his face to swell up, his thick hide now burned and peeling away, aswell as rows od his teeth now missing.

Godzilla roared out in anger before he beat at Koji's face with his fists, Koji punched Godzilla back btu Godzilla ignored the blows before slamming his head into the side of Koji's right shoulder crystal, Koji growled before unleashed his shoulder lightening onto Godzilla's head. Godzilla shrugged off the attack before he slammed his skull into Koji's own repeatedly causing Koji's skull to rattle, Godzilla punched Koji in the face causing Koji to fall backwards into a building. Godzilla roared out in anger before blasting Koji with another atomic ray, covering Koji in explosions. Koji hits Godzilla with his oral atomic ray knocking Godzilla onto his back and sending toppling over. Koji shoots energy from his tail and stomach flipping Godzilla further away from him. Koji stomps towards Godzilla, biting down on his neck, grabbing his head and grabbing his tail. Koji lifts Godzilla up above him, lifts his head up and unleashes his shoulder lightening onto Godzilla. Godzilla screamed out in pain as his body was shocked by the lightening, Godzilla unleashed an atomic ray onto Koji, covering Koji's shoulder crystals in explosions and causing him to scream out in pain as he fell onto his back. This caused Koji to drop Godzilla to the ground, both saurians immediately rose up onto they're feet, only then has Koji noticed that Godzilla's face had completely healed itself from his earlier attack. Godzilla growled before he lunged forward and hit Koji with an onlsaught of punches and claw swipes.

Koji kicked Godzilla in the stomach, Godzilla spat several plasma fireballs onto Koji; they all exploded on contact sending Koji up against a building. Koji roared before unleashing an energy beam from his naval core. The massive beam slamemd into Godzilla's stomach, exploding on contact and sending Godzilla flying through the air and onto a bridge. Koji charged at the fallen Godzilla and tried to stomp down onto his face, Godzilla dodged then got up and grabbed Koji’s face and threw Koji into a building. Koji quickly busted from the rubble and swung at Godzilla, Godzilla managed to dodge the first two fists but the last three struck him square in the chest. Sending the King of the Monsters staggering back, Godzilla tried to unleash a heat ray only to have Koji shut his jaws then punch him in the face. This managed to stun Godzilla and cause him to fall onto the ground; as soon as he struck it he unleashed his heat ray at Koji. It exploded on contact; Koji took the blast square in the chest this time. The beam hurt but Koji managed to shrug off the pain before he unleashed his oral atomic ray onto Godzilla, causing the creature to scream out in pain as he was covered in explosions.

Koji grabbed the fallen Godzilla by the jaw, lifting him up and placing him back onto his feet before punching him into a nearby building. It shattered as the Godzilla fell onto it, Godzilla roared out in pain as Koji drove his foot into the atomic dinosaur's chest. Koji began stomping on the apes chest, with every stomp brought a roar of pain from Godzilla. After about several stomps Godzilla grabbed Koji by the ankle and yanked with all his might, causing Koji to fall to the ground. Godzilla pushed the remaining rubble off of himself, he was panting heavily from Koji’s previous attack. Godzilla looked around in the search for a new way of attacking, he then noticed a small building; Godzilla pulled it up from the ground and hit Koji across the face with it. Koji roared out in pain before Godzilla continued beating him with it. Godzilla beat Koji with the building until the building was just a chunk of mangeld metal. He threw the chunk of metal aside then turned to see Koji, Koji was angry and was almost loosing conciseness, he roared and spat his heat ray onto Godzilla’s face. It exploded on contact, sending Godzilla stumbling back. Koji growled as he rose to his feet, he and Godzilla circle one another, a freindly test of strength had turned into a battle to the death.

Koji charged Godzilla, jumping up and kicking him in the face. Godzilla bellowed out in fury as he was sent into a tall building, Koji charged Godzilla, punching away at his face with great strength and speed, Koji then punched Godzilla on the sides of his neck once, finally to end the devastating combo Koji grabbed him and suplexed him. Only for Godzilla to land on his feet, not getting slammed, Godzilla then turned over, grabbed Koji, pulled his head under his arm, and DDTed him. Koji grunted out in pain as he rolled away from Godzilla and quickly got onto his feet, Godzilla charged Koji as he rose only for Koji to clothesline him. With a agonizing scream Godzilla struck the Earth. Koji roared out in fury before trying to stomp the monster king to death, Godzilla quickly rolled out the way. Godzilla rose to his feet as Koji charged at him, Godzilla stepped the right allowing Koji to pass him. Koji flew into a building that he bounced off of using his feet, Godzilla caught Koji and body slammed him to the ground.

Koji gurgled out in pain before firing an atomic ray from his horn into Godzilla's face, Godzilla screamed out in surprise as he stepped back from Koji. Koji charged at Godzilla, jumping up and roundhouse kicking him in the side of the head, Godzilla screamed out in pain before gabbing the leg, turning Koji over and slamming his face into the ground. Koji swat at Godzilla's face with his tail, Godzilla stumbeld back as Koji rose and unleashed his atomic heat ray onto Godzilla, the beam slammed into Godzilla's chest, exploding on contact and sending Godzilla skidding back through a building.

Godzilla growled as he stomped forward, Koji did the same as they met they punched and clawed at each other. Godzilla skull bashed Koji, causing Koji to stumble back, Koji jumped up, using his powers of levitation to slap Godzilla in the face with his tail repeatedly. Godzilla ducked beneath the last swing as his dorsal spines lit up, before Koji had time to respond Godzilla shot an atomic ray into Koji's face, Koji screamed up in pain as he was sent flying back by this. Koji caught himself in the air before unleashing a beam from his naval core at Godzilla, Godzilla unleashed his heat ray, amd the resulting explosion engulfed Tokyo completely in flames.

Godzilla and Koji both rose afterwards to find themselves incased inside a ring of fire. Both saurians growled as they approached one another, they got face to face before Koji swung at Godzilla's face with an Atomic Punch, Godzilla caught it with his hand before unleashing a Nuclear Pulse. The pulse forming a crater beneath them and sending Koji stumbling back, Koji unleashed an atomic ray, Godzilla ducked beneath it before firing his own beam at Koji's crotch, Koji put up his crystal sheild, sheilding himself from the beam and causing the beam to turn back on Godzilla. Unsure of what to do Godzilla unleashed a second heat ray at the first causing it to explode into a cloud of smoke, Godzilla charged through the cloud and at Koji, tackling Koji onto his backm getting on top of him and beating at his face repeatedly.

Koji blocked the last two puinches with his arms before he stabbed his tail into Godzilla's side, lifting Godzilla up and flinging him through the air, Godzilla slammed into the Earth with a loud thoom. Godzilla rose before he charged at Koji, Koji fired a single blast from his naval core, Godzilla jumped up into the air and spun before he soccer kicked the blast right back at Koji, Koji's mouth lit up green as he tried to unleash an atomic ray at it but the blast slammed into his face, exploding on contact and knocking Koji onto his back. Koji growled as he slowly sat up, Godzilla landed on the ground before he walked at Koji, Koji unleashed a quick heat ray and tail blast at Godzilla, Godzilla knocked the blast away with his hand, causing it to go into the ring of fire and cause a massive explosion. The explosion so big the ring fo fire increased in size and all the flames began to move in on both Kaiju. Godzilla then put his arms over his face in the shap of an "X" sheilding himself from the atomic ray yet covering his body in explosions.

Godzilla growled as he shook all the flames and explosions off of him and he and Koji ran towards each other until they met in a mighty collapse. Koji slammed into the Godzilla and started to bite him in the neck. Godzilla growled in pain as the Kojisaurus fangs dug deep into his skin. Godzilla grabbed his opponent by the neck too, and started to strangle Koji, Koji let go of Godzilla, roared and then slammed his tail at Godzilla, hitting the monster king with his tail like a club and flooring the king immediately. Koji levitated above the ground as he moved towards Godzilla firing his oral atomic heat ray onto the Kaiju repetedly, Godzilla growled before returning fire with his own atomic ray. The beams caused both the Kaiju to scream out in pain as they where covered in explosions.

Suddenly Koji's adrenaline reached its max as Koji's dorsal plates lit up red, yellow sparks flying off his spines, Koji roared out in anger before unleashing his Hyper Spiral Ray at Godzilla. Godzilla watches the beam come towards him as his eyes filled up with rage and anger, Godzilla's own dorsal plates flashed red before he unleashed his own Hyper Spiral Ray. The two beams slamemd into each other, obliterating everything around them and forming a massive creater beneath the two beams, the beams clashed until the energy build up inbetween the two became too massive and exploded into a massive explosion, completely engulfing the city inside of it.

The explosion faded away to reveal Tokyo, now nothing but a sea of flames. Inside it lye Koji, he lay on his side with his eyes closed, the energy surrounding his dorsal spikes slolwly faded away as Koji lost his life. Laying not to far away from was Godzilla, the mosnter king lay on his back, he let out a low growl as he tried to rise but he was too weak, he could barely even hold his head up. The red on Godzilla's dorsal spines turned to a cold grey as Godzilla let out one last roar into the air, the roar echoed lasting for about thirty seconds, finally Godzilla's eyes shut as the life exited his body, Godzilla's head fell to the ground. Godzilla had won, but died in the process...

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