Godzilla 3: Kaiju Attack is a video game made by User:Mothra12.

Godzilla 3: Kaiju Attack is my fan-made video game. It has the same graphics as Godzilla: Unleashed for the PS2.

Playable kaijuEdit

All of Mothra12's kaiju (see "Category:Mothra12").

What you do in the gameEdit

Play as one of Mothra12's kaiju, go to different areas after defeating other areas. Each area has 2 battles in a row with 3 regular Toho kaiju against you, and after beating those battles, you must defeat the bosses of each area. The bosses are much stronger than their regular versions, except for Hyper Chaos King Ghidorah.

Earth Defender bossesEdit

If you play as an Earth Defender, these are the bosses:

Other bossesEdit

When you don't play as an Earth Defender, but you do play as a cyborg, mutant, or alien (kaiju that want to destroy the Earth), then these are the bosses:


  • A random place in Arizona-Destoroyah and Anguirus
  • Osaka-Gigan and Mothra
  • New York-Orga and Fire Rodan
  • Sydney-Spacegodzilla and King Caesar
  • Solgell Island-Hyper Chaos King Ghidorah and 2000 Godzilla

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