Gigan72 tn

Gigan in the Showa Era

Gigan (ガイガン, 'Gaigan') is a Kaiju from the Godzilla series, introduced in the 1972 film Godzilla vs. Gigan. Gigan is a monster sporting a buzzsaw weapon in his frontal abdominal region and large steel hooks for hands and feet. Gigan is sometimes considered Godzilla's most brutal and violent opponent, and has a large fan following (including Godzilla: Final Wars director Ryuhei Kitamura) despite the generally perceived low quality of its first two films.


  • Flight at mach 3
  • Can travel through space
  • Hammer-claws
  • Buzzsaw in abdomen
  • Can fire a Cluster Light Ray from its eye
  • Able to fire two grappling cables from each hand
  • If hammer-claws are destroyed they can be replaced with chainsaws
  • Able to fire guided razor disks from chest

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