Fire Anguirus.

Fire Anguirus is a kaiju that was originally made by Mothra12.


Anguirus and Godzilla where having a remach when Anguirus transformed into Fire Anguirus becase Godzilla's DNA had collected on him. Afterwads Anguirus wandered away and he accidentally stepped into a tornado, mixing his DNA with Godzilla's.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sonic Sxreech: Fire Anguirus has a poweful sonic screech, cabale of edstroying buildings quickly.

  • Flames: Using the flames from his pores, Fire Anguirus can engulf his hands in flames.


Fire Anguirus looks just like regular Anguirus (even his size is the same) except he is orange with yellow spikes and claws, has fire on his back instead of a spiked carapace, has a larger head than regular Anguirus, has nothing but a fireball at the tip of his tail, and lacks the spikes on his "arms" and legs.