Feather Godzilla

Feather Godzilla.

Feather Godzilla is a kaiju that was originally made by Mothra12.



After the Giant Condor was "cooked" by Godzilla, he fell unconscious into the water, but wasn't dead. He woke up when no kaiju were around, and began flying. The military saw him, and he was hit with a bomb. He wasn't killed by the bomb, but Godzilla's DNA that had collected on the giant bird mixed with the radiation of the bomb, sending out a force of energy which killed him. The force of energy created Feather Godzilla, who flew around, roaring. Godzilla saw her, and called for her. When she came down, Godzilla asked if she could ally up with him. She took his offer and now will help save the world

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Feathers: Feather Godzilla can make a few of the feathers on her wings fall off if she wants and when they do, they become covered in Atomic energy and slice down through the air quickly onto the ground to deal much damage.
  • Flight: Her wings allows her to fly through the air quickly and fast.
  • Atomic Heat Ray: Feather Godzilla can shoot a silver Atomic Ray from her mouth.


Feather Godzilla looks just like Godzilla did from "Mothra vs. Godzilla" except she is a girl, has three blue feathers on the back of her head, has silver wings, is 5 meters shorter, is thinner than Godzilla, and has a more sleeker "lady-like" design about her. She has no plates on her back. Her whole entire body (except for the feathers on her head) is grayscale, even the inside of her mouth.

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