Doraba concept art

Doraba (金色の Kin'iro no) was a monster that appeared in the Koji TV Series.

Subtitle: Bouncy Stomach Monster (弾む胃怪獣 Hazumu i kaijū)

Stats & TraitsEdit


  • Height: 115 Meters
  • Weight: over 220,000 tons (as said by Koji)


  • Corrosive Breath: Doraba's breathe is so sitnky it has a corrosive effect on buildings, meanwhile to weak to harm foes it does appear to stun them or put them in a daze.
  • Stomach: Doraba's bouncy stomach can shrug off most kinds of phsyical attacks and ranged attacks, it can also send the attack back at the attacker.
  • Fire: Doraba can breathe a stream of fire from his mouth, this attack is capable of harming beings like Koji and Goji64.
  • Kicks: Doraba has such powerful kicks that he can easily cripple beings like Goji64.
  • Super Strength: Great physical strength, allowing him to rip up skyscrapers and peices of the Earth and throw them around like nothinf.
  • Illusions: Can conjure illusions of himself to confuse and trick opponents.
  • Super Speed: Doraba can run at speeds around 600 mph.
  • Extradonary Jumper: It was shown that Doraba can jump extremely high and far through the air.