Demon Godzilla in its 1st form

A demon in hell took a DNA cell from Godzilla and made the horrible Demon Godzilla. He sent the 1st form of his monster to go destroy tokyo, after Demon Godzilla destroyed half of tokyo Godzilla came and fought its 1st form. Godzilla beat the Kaiju, after he was defeated Demon Godzilla exsploded into his second form. They both fired there heat rays, Godzilla was senr flying into the water and Demon Godzilla was sent flying into Tokyo. Demon Godzilla retreated into the water 5 minute later, 2 days later Demon Godzilla in his second form was spotted by Mountain Fuji terrorising the country side.

Godzilla exsploded out of the water and roared, he headed toward Mountain Fuji and fought Demon Godzilla. Demon Godzilla exsploded into his final true ultimate form, him and Godzilla battled, Anguirus, Mothra, Rodan, and Goji64 then showed up and the 5 kaiju killed Demon Godzilla. The Demon that created Demon Godzilla then came from Hell and started to attack citys, he then battled the Mutants and was killed by them.


  • 1st form - In Demon Godzillas 1st form he looks excatly like Godzilla Jr. but his dorsal plates are red, and he has spikes on the side of both of his legs, has 2 spikes on both of his shoulders, and has red eyes.
  • 2nd form -

    Demon Godzillas 2nd form

    In his second form he looks excatly like KingGoji but his eyes are red, his dorsal plates are red, he has one spike on both of his shoulders, and he has spikes all over his stomatch
  • Final Form - In this form he looks excatly like KiryuGoji but has red dorsal plates, his eyes are res, has a red smybol in his chest that looks like a foot (I guess), and tail looks exactly like that of Anguirus but the spikes are red.

Demon Godzillas 3rd and Final Form


1st formEdit

  • has a dark red atomic heat ray
  • extrordanary jumper and runner
  • dorsal plates can burn opponents when hes charging his heat ray
  • dorsal plates can shoot an arua around Demon Godzilla that is ammune to Godzillas Atomic Heat Ray
  • sharp spike on shoulders and legs
  • can shoot red gravity beams from both eyes

2nd formEdit

  • all the powers from his 1st form except for the spikes on his legs
  • sharp spikes on shoulders and stomatch
  • tail can turn red and and can fire a red heat ray from it
  • tail turns red and can knock opponents long distances

3rd formEdit

  • all the powers from both its 1st and second form except for spikes, there are no spikes on any part of his body
  • DevilG1

    Demon Godzilla charging his atomic heat ray in his 3rd form

    exstrordanary burrower
  • sharp spikes on tail
  • spikes on tail can fire red energy balls
  • if he stomps hard enough he can fire a wind storm that is strong enough to break ground, buildings, and even tanks

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