Mystery Monster
Species Evil-Absorbing Parasite
Form(s) Ultimate form
Gender Male
Height 100 - 150 meters
Weight 100,000 - 125,000,000 tons
Abilities Black-Hole Breath, breathe under water and in space, change it's size, and all other evil abilities.
Weaknesses Mystic Fire (blue fire) an All-Out Attack from thousands of Energy sources (living things).
Origins Bad things done by everything everywhere.
Enemies Any living thing except things Destonator revives.

Gigan (Forced to join)
Cell (Until Killed)
Frieza (Until Killed)
The Shalos
The Ship-Shifter

Destonator is a monster created by everything's bad deeds. It has the ability of anything that has done bad. Since bad can never stop, he will grow to be invincible (at least it looks like it). Destonator is an alien created in another universe. The monster in appearance is a cross between an Albertosaurus, a Gandarian and Godzilla. The monster can also speak all languages and he can also roar. His mayor enemies are from the alien race he first attacked, (the Kahranians) the defender of the race, Light and his brother, Dark. Basically every universes' heroes are his enemies. As an evil life-form, he attacks anything in it's path... unfortunately, he found his way to Earth. He only looked around, and when he left Earth, he brought with him Firis. The source of his power is the crystal on his forehead, but unfortunately, he guards it with his life, and it is impossible to hit him there. Also, Destonator enslaved a race of aliens called the Shalos, and their king, Exzo thought smartly, and gave in under Destonator's command. He also carried the planet Cavius with his mind, to an unknown place on the Destiny Universe.


Destonator is the major enemy in The Final Destination. Godzilla cells and a Space Parasite fused and found their way to a black hole, and that black hole became a closed chamber, only accessible by Palkia, a body was formed by horrible aura emitted from all living things he received lots of this aura. In just one year his body was completed, made of absolutely pure evil, he found a planet to attack, one called Kahran. When he arrived, he seemed UNSTOPPABLE, but when all hope was lost, a courageous young boy named Light stood up to the monster, he said that he could destroy his world, but he could never crush his courage. Destonator laughed at his speech, because he said he had heard that speech before. But then, the boy jumped up towards Destonator's forehead and put his sword through Destonator's crystal... he started screaming and disintegrated. He disappeared for 12,000 years. By that time, he gained so much evil, that now, the REAL story begins.

Destonator's Ultimate FormEdit

Ultimate Form
Destonator has a Last Resort, and that is his Ultimate Form. This form can easily make the strongest living thing on all Universes, and his size? 200 Meters tall (And he can still grow bigger because of Cobronda's DNA), and weighs 125,000,000 tons. He can levitate, and has his power increased 10 times. Also, his claws are a million times sharper, and are longer.

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