The Demon Saiyan Saga is a saga in Xavier Universe.


Goku vs. ShorrutoEdit

Goku is training alone in the mountainside when he is suddenly attacked by Shorruto. After a brief fight Goku is on the verge of defeat and is forced to turn SSJ4. SSJ4 Goku and Shorruto fight to a stand still, once Shorruto screams she will hate Goku forever for the killing her dad. She flies away, Goku flies after her and they end up in a creepy forest. Goku walks after Shorruto to find her talking to the demon F'sahh, Shorruto says she will allow him to posses her body if he provides her with the power to kill Goku. F'sahh agress then shoots a red beam at Shorruto, Goku flies in front of Shorruto and takes the beam for her. Shorruto is knocked down, she sits up to see Demon Saiyan Goku, she walks towards him and tries to tap him on the shoulder but he fleis off into the air.
Goku ssj5 idea by db own universe arts-d4qbiw5

Goku after being possessed (He now has the power of a SSJ50

Shorruto tells F'sahh she must persue him and that she will return, F'sahh agrees then Shorruto goes after Goku. Shorruto tracks Goku down to the woods, she taps his shoulder but his swung at, she teleports away, appears in front of him, and kicks him in the chest. Goku gives her a blank stare before slapping her through a row of trees. She sits up and wipes the blood from her mouth, she then fires a finger beam at Goku. Goku kicks it as it reaches him, sending it into the sky where it explodes. Shorruto realizes hown helpless she is against Goku then tries to fly away but Goku appears in her path and punches her to the ground,

Goku charges a ki blast and prepares to finish Shorruto off. Suddenly Xavier and Future Trunks appear and save Shorruto, Shorruto hugs Future Trunks and he flies her away from the area. Xavier powers up to his SSJ4 form and assults Goku with all he has, Goku is left with a few scratches and bloody mouth.

More to come...

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