Daki is a fish Kaijin that is set to appear in the series Koji Reborn. Daki put a bomb on the roof of the old S.K.S.A. and tried to start the bomb but was knocked off the roof by Takeo Aida. Takeo is then attack by Brawlers and is knocked off the roof aswell. halfway down the fall Takeo transforms into Koji and goes to stop Daki and his arm that where invading old S.K.S.A. Eventually Daki is destriyed by the explosion caused when Koji atomic punched one of Daki's grenades back at him and he flew into the bomb. Destroying the old S.K.S.A. base.


Daki can spit grenades from his mouth and throw them from his belt, he is an expert martial artist, great leaping ability, can move super speed, and super strength. Daki strength was powrful enough to destroy buildings and bend them with punches. If Daki's head is somehow removed it will reattach to his body and both his head and his body can survive until they are united again. Daki has superhuman reflexes and even a danger sense.

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