The Eds had felt a whole bunch of power comming from the south, they fled the culdisac to the city. They arrived to see flames, 2 broken builings that where standing exploded into a red light then collapsed, all 3 became in raged and power up to there full power.

Double D pointed at 3 still standing builing "I feel power comming from behind those 3.."

Ed "Time to use the golden blond transformation..."

All 3 turned into there Super Saiyan forms, the buildings exsploded in half and flew out the way, and behind they area where they had once stood, Janemba stood powering up. Eddy was 1st to attack, he dashed at Janemba and punched him dead inbetween the eyes. Janemba stood still, it had no effect on him, Eddy dashed into the sky and did a back flip and pounded Janemba wirh heavy ki attacks.

Janemba still stood still, he squated then teleported into the sky in front of Eddy and punched him in the face sending him flyinng torwards the ground. Double D stood in his fighting stance "Ed come on we have to help Eddy!!!", he flew at Janemba then punched him in the side of the face. Janemba smiled then looked at Double D and punched him at the ground too, Ed put most of his energy into his right hand then punched Janemba in the face.

Janemba still stood still....

Janemba lifted Ed up then threw him at some rock causing it to crack in half. Janemba dashed for the rubble that Ed was in, Ed tried to escape but Janemba stomped on his stomatch with both feet. Ed yelled in pain "AHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", Janemba back fliped into the sky and continued to stomp.

Stomp after stomp....after stomp.....after stomp.....after stomp....

Ed was in so much pain he could barely breathe or move, Ed and Double D tried to hep him but where just rapildy being punched. Ed and Double D where sent flying back to where they stood.

Ed noticed the the taller Rock next to them, so Ed blasted it (barely), covering Janemba in rocks.

Ed restreated and jumped next to the other 2 eds. They fired a Zap Rich Masenko Ray at Janemba, Janemba laughed and then pelted it with beams, the beams quickly disapeared as the ray continued torwards Janemba.

He yelled as the beam hit him....killing him permenently....

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