Goku and Vegeta had just fused, and Ed and Edd (Double D) had just fused while Eddy wached.

Gogeta "See Eddy...."

Eddd stood in his battle ready pose "As long as our Fusion have the same time limit...."

Gogeta turned at Eddd, Eddd "Lets fight!!!!"

Gogeta began to power up "No holding back.....", Eddd "No restraints!!!"

They dashed at each other, the ground cracked as the 2 traded blows, all of a sudden Eddd whent spinning and hit the side of a mountain. Gogeta flew high into sky, Gogeta stretched his arms out "BIG BANG......".

Eddy flew back acouple of feet "Dang it!!! GOGETA!!!! He's angry again..."

Eddd exsploded out of the side of the mountain "Oh no! The big bang kamehameha....", he began to chant "ZAPITY ZAPITY.....", all of a sudden Gogeta exsploded "KAMEKAMEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!"

"ZAAAAPPPPP!!!!!", the ball of energy collided with the beam, the struggle had been going on for 45 seconds then Eddd crossed his arm "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAIZA!!!". "BAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!", It struck the Zapity Zapity Zap in the back, the 3 attacks exsploded into a white light.

It faded out to see Eddd panting and Gogeta charging it again, Eddd charges a Kamehameha....

Fusion time ends.......all 4 of the heroes fall to the ground.....

Eddy walks up and takes all there wallots "Eddy wins!!!!!"

Winner: Eddy :D lol

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