Ed was miding his own buisness as he heavley trained in the mountain side, but all of a sudden a blast hit Ed in the back. He turned around at the blaster, the blaster was revealed to be Frost, Frost began to talk "Ive come to take over this world....AND YOU ARE MY 1ST VICTIM!!!", Ed charged up into his super saiyan form.

Ed turned back around at Frost "No black and white haired man! FOR I AM ED!!! AND YOU WILL NOT TAKE OVER THIS WORLD!!!".

Ed ran at Frost and punched him only for frost to grab his fist, Frost smiled "hmmm....your so weak!". He powered up into his super saiyan form, Ed jumped back "You can change your hair to?".

Frost "???"


Frost turns SSJ on Ed

Ed hopped back and began to charge a kamehame while he takled. Ed "Well black and white haired man!!! This your end!! KAME.....KAMEEE....KAMEEEE...HAAAA!!!!

The beam exsploded at Frost

The kamehameha about to his Frost

Frost began to show sings of....PAIN!!!

The beams sent Frost rolling and tumbling. Ed shot up into the sky "This should finish him off!!! ZAPPITY ZAPPITY ZAAAPPPPP!!!!!!", the beam exsploded out of the sky.

Frost looked puzzeled "Ive seen this attack style some this the weaker version of the Big Bang?", it knocked Frost out of his SSJ Form and he was sent flying further. Frost stood up and began to cough up blood, Ed "IVE GOT YOU KNOW!!! I WILL TURN SUPER SAIYAN 2 AND FINISH YOU!!!! Hahaha!! rymes".

Ed power up but failed as he powered back down to his base form, Frost stood up and dusted himself off "Before i kill you i might as well tell you my name? My name is Frost and this is where you perish". He flew at Ed, Ed put 2 fingers in his head "SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!!". The beam glew as it spirald at Frost, Frost tried to block the beam with his foot but the beam snocked his foot away and shot dead threw his chest.

Frost "GUAHH!!!!!"

Frost's body fell and rolled into a rock, Ed started panting "I win frosty...."

Winner: Ed

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