Vegeta "Are you kidding me!"

Vegeta and Zach preparing to battle

Zach "Shut up old man!"

Vegeta "Boy who do think your takling to? I WILL TEACH YOU SOME MANNERS!!!!"

Zach "Bring it!"

Vegeta and Zach teleport and begin to move so fast you dont even see them you just see the exsplotions from the hits. All of a sudden Zach falls from the sky and hits the ground forming a crator, Vegeta appears in the sky then yells "GALACTIC GUN!!!!". The giant purple beam exsplodes out of his hand into the sky towards Zach, Zach stands up "GALACTIC ENERGY!!!!!" then transforms into that form.

He lifts his hands up at the beam and it collides with him hitting his hands, Zach could feel the power in the beam knew if he kept this up he would perish for shure. He yelled "Superrr.....SAIYAN!!!!!" then turned into his super saiyan galactic form causing the beam to exsplode, knocking them both back.

The smoke begins to clear and Vegeta stands up "Zach where ever yo are your toast!" he teleports in front of Vegeta and says "Right here!" then punchs Vegeta 20 feet away. Vegeta stands up and begins to cough up blood and Zach begins to glote "Vegeta i thought you would teach me some manners?". Vegeta gets inraged "I will not die by the hands of some child!! *cough* Who do you think you are! *cough* I WILL NOT PERISH!!!"

Vegeta ascends into his super saiyan 3 form then has a stare down with Zach. Vegeta begins to talk "You think your so smug! HA! HA! HA! HA! sorta sad to see yah go..." a blue beam fires at Zach. Sending Zach flying back as Zach stands up and says "Vegeta you think your the only one who know the Super Saiyan 3? Ive built enough power latley to ascend you'll se..."

He begins to yell as his hair stretchs out turning him into a Super Saiyan 3 and he then looks at Vegeta "So you thought i was bluffing whernt thats to your will die". Vegeta bustes out "HA! HA! HA! HAAAAA!!!!! I knew you whernt bluffing this whole time.....I let you transform....when i could have just finished off before you transformed. But i like a challenge...."


Vegeta and Zack at their SSJ3 states

The SSJ3 exsplode at each other. All of a sudden Vegeta throws him into a mountain then begins to power up.


The beam exsplodes at the mountain and hits both it and Zach, knokcing him back down into his base form. Zachs body rolls with the debree, it stops rolling as Vegeta lands behind him then begins to laugh "HA! HA! HA!!!"

He also powers back down to his base form then says "Hmph.....child you have alot more to learn before you beat me..."

Winner: Vegeta

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