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Version 1 of Bagan

Bagan is a unused Kaiju that only appeared in the video game: Super Godzilla. But was originally supposed to appear in the 2 unmade films Mothra vs. Bagan, and Godzilla vs. Bagan. The creator of Bagan is unknown.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The only known powers for the first, Return of Godzilla version of Bagan are shapeshifting and ability to heal himself. In the storyboards for Mothra vs. Bagan, Bagan is shown to be blowing a hole in one of Mothra's wings with an energy beam from his mouth. He can fly and is also shown to be firing some sort of lightning bolt from his main, nasal horn, and growing what seems to be some type of energy-wings out of his back.In the game Super Godzilla, Bagan is shown to have possessed insanely high physical strength and durability. He could slash with his powerful claws ("Slasher Claw"), perform a Diamond Storm (in which he would shoot white, star-like objects from his horns), fire a white Plasma Beam from his mouth and generate a Force Field to block incoming attacks. Bagan's attacks were, bar none, the strongest used by any enemy in the game. In addition, he had the most health out of any enemy in the game and Godzilla's attacks would inflict barely any damage, making it necessary to transform into Super Godzilla to defeat Bagan and complete the game.


  • Bagan was mentioned in an interview for Godzilla Unleashed to appear but was obviously dropped.
  • Bagan is the most powerful kaiju ever.


Version 1

Version 2

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