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Synopsis for"The Beginning"Edit

Red King is walking through the rock-covered mountains of Monster Island in search for a challenge when he spots Anguirus, Red King gets Anguirus' attention by throwing a rock at him. Anguirus turns to face Red King, Anguirus eyes Red King for a moment before howling into the air and leaping towards him. After a brief fight Anguirus defeats Red King and kills him. Gorosaurus arrives shortly afterwards instinct acts upon Anguirus and Gorosaurus so they eat Red King's corspe.

Pleased by the meal Anguirus and Gorosaurus move away from the mountains and onto the beach, the two daikaiju then fall asleep. Meanwhile out in the sea Ebirah is battling Zigra, who had escaped from his alien creators and fled to Earth. After a brief fight Ebirah is overwhelmed by the awesome power of Zigra. Battleships arrrive to assist Ebirah but are all destroyed by Zigra, Zigra finds the situation growing drastic so he swims to Monster Island.

Zigra walks onto shore to find out that Anguirus and Gorosaurus had just reawoke. The two dinosaurs then square off with Zigra.