Angora is a dinosaur monster set to appear in the Koji TV Series. He will appear as an ally to Koji.

Subtitle: Thick Hide Monster (厚皮怪獣 Kōhi kaijū)

Stats and TraitsEdit


  • Height: 90 meters
  • Length: 160 meters
  • Mass: 60,000 tons


  • Fireballs: Angora can unleash fireballs with extremely explosive power, scary accurate from his mouth, he can fire these in a rapid succession. He can also unleash the fire from his pours in a fashion similar to to nuclear pulse to harm/scorch foes. Angora can even completely cover his body in fire to increase his power.
  • Jaw Strength: Angora has incredibly strong jaws that can grip even the most powerful of beings, including Koji himself and hurl then high and far through the air.
  • Thick Hide: Angora's hide is extremely thick and strong, it takes lot and lots of physical and ranged attack to break through it and harm Angora. Angora's hise is even strong enough to shrugg of beams like Koji's atomic heat ray.
  • Claws: Angora's claws are deadly weapons, hsi claws are sharp enough to stab and cut through being like Koji and Goji64 easily.
  • Kicks: Angora has extremely quick and deadly kicks.
  • Tail: Angora can use his tail as a deadly weapon in melee combat, the hide on his tail is so thick he can even use it to knock energy attacks back at the foe.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Angora can jump high and far through the air.
  • Burrowing: Angora's burrower claws allow him to burrow through the Earth, he is a great burrower and quick burrower. Angora once even burrowed to Earth's core to get Bijou.

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