Alien Murder is an alien from the Koji Manga and is set to appear in the TV Series, Koji

Stats & TraitsEdit



  • Height: 90 meters
  • Weight: 50,000



  • Eye Blasts: Alien Murder can fire red blasts from both of his eyes, he can fire these rapidly.
  • Sword: Alien Murder had a long and thick sword that he could use quickly and effectivly in combat. This sword was sharp enough to be able to stabl through Koji's back and come out on the other side, through his chest.
  • Electricity: Alien Murder can control the electricity from within with his body to shock foes or unleash an "Plasma Spark" or a beam from his hand, the "Voltage Beam" and double handed beam called "Spark Ray"
  • Flight: Alien Murder could fly quickly and swiftly through the air.

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